Over 30 dental professionals volunteer their time.

State of the art dental operatory.
309 Washington St NE, Olympia.

Panoramic digital X-ray machine.

Annual Dental Benefit show held at the Washington Center for the Performing Arts.

No-Fee Dental Clinic


When you come to the Olympia Union Gospel Mission No-Fee Dental Clinic, you are walking into a state-of-the-art clinic. We have an exceptional staff who are caring and want to make your experience anxious free. All of our dental professionals are from the community and volunteer their services to provide you with the highest quality care. Here is a preview of the clinic, and we look forward to helping you with your dental needs.


It’s hard to imagine living with the pain of an abscessed tooth for a month or more because you can’t afford a trip to the dentist. And even more unlikely to imagine how a trip to the dentist might lead to someone’s salvation. But when a dentist eliminates dental pain, hope and confidence return, creating an open door for the gospel message.


The clinic is funded by generous donations from individuals, churches, and companies, and through corporate and foundation grants; however, the needs are ongoing, so please consider becoming a regular donor to the Mission and keep no-fee care coming for those who would otherwise go without.

Since 2003, the Olympia Union Gospel Mission No-Fee Dental Clinic has been staffed by volunteer dental professionals. The clinic serves over 1,800 patients who are low-income and without the financial resources to pay for care.


The clinic now provides emergency services not only to Thurston County, but also to Mason, Lewis, and Grays Harbor County residents.

If you make too much money to be eligible for State insurance, but not enough to pay for dental care, please call us at 360.943.6400 – we may be able to help.

$65 provides one appointment.

When Ruth came in for her 6 month appointment today, I could tell that something was bothering her. She wasn’t her usual happy joyful self. I didn’t want to pry, but I did ask her if everything was ok. She stated only that she had a lot on her mind, two family members dealing with cancer, and financial issues that were looming.

I took her blood pressure and although it was slightly higher than normal, I made a judgement call to keep her in my chair. I decided to tell her about my dental appointment from the previous day when I had a tooth prepped for a crown, mostly to take her mind off her own appointment, but also to let her off the hook about anything else she may be worrying about.

I’m not much of a talker when I work, but I felt like Ruth could use a good story about a dental provider getting tortured in the chair for once!

It must have worked because after I was done, she hopped out of the chair smiling, gave me a huge hug and told me that she really didn’t want to come to her appointment today but she talked herself into her car and drove down to the clinic because “you people have done so much for me and your time is so valuable that I couldn’t let you down.” She then thanked me for making her laugh.

I told her the pleasure was all mine. ❤️
~ Volunteer Dental Professional

The Dental Clinic address:
309 Washington St. NE, Olympia

To make an appointment call:
M – F, 8am – 3pm
309 Washington St NE, Olympia
(No Hablamos Español)

1.Dental floss
2. Tylenol (acetaminophen)


The Dental Clinic has started a new program called Local Impact Network (LIN). The program is designed to help diabetic patients with no dental insurance or means to pay for care. Through research, we know that poor oral health is a contributor to diabetes. The LIN project is designed to help improve the oral health of the patient resulting in lowering A1-c and glucose levels.

Terry was one of the first patients participating in the LIN project. As a diabetic, her teeth were degrading and she contacted the No-Fee Dental Clinic for help. She was so thankful to participate in this new program and felt that “someone cared.”

Your gift to the No-Fee Dental Clinic helps meet the dental needs of individuals in our community that have no access to the urgent care they need. Thank you!

Dental Professional Volunteers & Dental Needs

If you are a currently licensed dentist, hygienist, or dental assistant, please call the clinic for more information – contact Shelley Case at (360) 943-6400.

Dentists can also help by supplying: Lidocaine, protection barriers for chairs, sterilization bags, bibs, adult size toothbrushes, Biotene mouthwash, take-home fluoride treatments, “Prevedent”, small size ACT Fluoride, adult extraction instruments.

To help with any of these needs, contact Shelley Case at (360) 943-6400.

Visit the No-Fee Dental Clinic at 309 Washington St. NE, Olympia.