Restore a life. Rebuild a future.

Virtual Graduation Celebration

Watch from the comfort of your own home the Virtual Graduation of Diane and Roberto from the Life Transformation Recovery Program. Hear their life story about how God radically changed their lives.


Lives Transformed

What was it that scared Ron so bad in his life to run to the Mission’s Life Transformation Recovery Program? Watch the video as a real-life story unfolds.

Women’s Recovery Programs – Renewed Hope

Homelessness takes on many forms, and for women, and women with children it may be fleeing from dangers of trauma, domestic violence, or the ravages of drug addiction. The Mission’s residential short and long-term programs for women provide stability and renewed hope in a Christ-centered environment.

Play It Again!

Join us, front row center, in the comfort of your own home for a fun-filled time of nostalgia, hand-clapping, and toe-tapping to favorites from the past dental benefit shows in Play It Again! Enjoy the talented dental community along with their host of friends, including the Olympia Jazz Senators, Debbi’s Dance, Gayla Duerr, and Talia Haste. Have a blast at this look back and be sure to donate.

Provide Hope this Easter

Help Us Transform Lives

When someone becomes homeless and finds their world in disarray, they need a place of comfort and safety to help them rebuild it — whether they are chronically homeless or newly homeless brought on by the effects of the pandemic, they need a roof over their head and food to eat. Just $5.50 provides a hot nutritious meal and shelter for the night.

Help For Loved Ones

Help For Loved Ones Of Addicts

There is probably not one person reading this that hasn’t been affected by someone in addiction. While the Mission, by God’s grace and love, graduated six amazing Life Transformation graduates recently, many of you must hold out hope that someday your spouse, child, sibling, or friend will seek help. Download the article here.

Addiction Recovery

Recovery Programs

Through group recovery meetings, bible studies, individual counseling, and life skills training, single men, single women and women with children learn how to live free of addictions.


Hot Meals Served: M-F 6:30am, Noon, 5:30pm Sat. 10am – 11am Sun. 7:30am and Noon (Help Serve & Volunteer)

Vision Clinic

No- Fee Vision Clinic

Call for an appointment

309 Washington St NE, Olympia
Vision: 360.709.9725

No-Fee Dental Clinic

Call for an appointment

309 Washington St NE, Olympia
Dental: 360.943.6400


The Olympia Union Gospel Mission is about people – like you and me – with one big difference; the people we work with are homeless and poverty stricken. One of the ways every one of us are alike, regardless of our status, is our need for dignity, self-worth and respect. Our commitment is to respect each person we meet and to demonstrate God’s love in practical ways.