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Olympia Union Gospel Mission serving the community 25 years!

Thanksgiving Meal

Meals for the Holidays – $1.75

Our neighbors are hungry. Many are homeless. And while the rest of us gather socially distanced with close family during the holidays, they feel left out — cut off from the celebration of the season. For a $1.75 you can provide a complete dinner and other vital services at the Olympia Union Gospel Mission.

Please send your most generous gift today.


Play it Again…Virtual Dental Benefit Show

Highlights from the past 10 years of great shows!

The blockbuster Dental Benefit show features our talented dental community and friends.

Tune in today! Presented in the comfort of your own home. Click the Play it Again YouTube button below to enjoy the show and be sure to check out the show’s program. And if you want to Play it Again and again, just keep coming back to the website and you can watch it as many times as you want!

Please donate the cost of a ticket to attend if you would like to support the No-Fee Dental Clinic – Thank you!


Play it Again…Show Video

Play it Again…Show Program

Thank you to our Dental Benefit Sponsors.

Executive Director

Read the entire article in our October issue of the newsletter.

Celebrating 25 years of serve to the community

In twenty-five years the Mission has gone from serving food out of the back of a pickup truck to having a kitchen and dining space capable of serving 140 people at a time, and preparing 150,000 meals a year. In a year’s time guests have received over 6,000 showers, done 7,500 loads of laundry and worn 35,613 items of donated clothing.

In 2000 the Mission and financial partners, along with five dentist volunteers, brought mobile dental services to Olympia. Twenty years later dental professionals continue to volunteer and 1,600 visits a year occur in Mission-operated state-of-the-art facilities at no fee to uninsured patients unable to pay. In 2008 vision health services were initiated at the Mission, and today 500 vision exams and glasses a year are provided at no fee to those unable to pay.

Since 2000, the Mission has engaged single men and women, women with children in residential addiction recovery in three Tumwater facilities. And we are working with you to add another duplex for men’s transitional living. With God in their lives, 80% of the graduates are remaining clean and sober out to five years after graduation. Six to eight men and women graduate each year and begin the transition back to society. Fifteen to twenty men, women and children are in the addiction recovery phase each year.

Graduation Celebration

What is a virtual graduation like at the Mission?  This 30-minute video will give you a chance to see and hear from our first COVID-19 graduates from the Life Transformation Recovery Program. They each share their testimonies of how Jesus has helped them out of addiction and put them on firm footing as they journey into the future. Sit back, relax, and enjoy their message of hope.

Matt – A Changed Life

Matt, a staff member at the Olympia Union Gospel Mission, shared his story with the guests just before dinner. Hear a moving story about a very changed man.

Help For Loved Ones

Help For Loved Ones Of Addicts

There is probably not one person reading this that hasn’t been affected by someone in addiction. While the Mission, by God’s grace and love, graduated six amazing Life Transformation graduates recently, many of you must hold out hope that someday your spouse, child, sibling, or friend will seek help. Download the article here.

Addiction Recovery

Recovery Programs

Through group recovery meetings, bible studies, individual counseling, and life skills training, single men, single women and women with children learn how to live free of addictions.


Hot Meals Served: M-F 6:30am, Noon, 5:30pm Sat. 10am – 11am Sun. 7:30am and Noon (Help Serve & Volunteer)

Vision Clinic

No- Fee Vision Clinic

Call for an appointment!!!

309 Washington St NE, Olympia
Vision: 360.709.9725

No-Fee Dental Clinic

Call for an appointment!

309 Washington St NE, Olympia
Dental: 360.943.6400


The Olympia Union Gospel Mission is about people – like you and me – with one big difference; the people we work with are homeless and poverty stricken. One of the ways every one of us are alike, regardless of our status, is our need for dignity, self-worth and respect. Our commitment is to respect each person we meet and to demonstrate God’s love in practical ways.