Remembering & Honoring Your Loved Ones & Friends

In Memory of…

Bella Anderson from Scott Egan
Anne Annex from Gary & Kathy Ratzlaff
Johnathan Angel from Les Spickler
Gene Austin from Diane Austin
Jack Baker from Stacey Baker
Sus Ballard from John & Sallie Parr
Leslie Marie Barnes from Michael Dean
Heather Barton from Thomas Spengler
Charles Bishop from Sally Dunn
-from Donavan & Darlene Steward
-from Donald & Tana Oldfield
-from Diane Paget
Lawrence Blaise from Carol & Terry Gallagher
Billie Boots from Denise Beegle
Alfred & Cecelia Borkowski from Wayne Borkowski
Jared Braget from Phyllis Braget
Jelaine Braget from Phyllis Braget
Leon Braget from Phyllis Braget
Rochelle Braget from Phyllis Braget
Linda Briston from Kent & Susan Hernandez
Vern & Vera Buelt from Robert Buelt
Otila Calderon from Rosamaria Espinoza
Joe Capron from Dorothy Payne
Beau Casebier from Deanna Davis
-from James Casebier
-from Cherie Fisher
Gordon Chamberlain from Aaron & Michelle Davis
Victoria Chet from Lum Ang Chet
William Christman from Dawn Hooper
-from Barton Olson
David Clancy from Alissa List
Sharon Coffey from Steven Wilson
Beverly Conway from Donald Conway
Floyd Conway from E Olympia Community Church
Teresa Curtis from Ray Curtis
Lloyd (Chris) Danielson from Holly Brazel
Dayton Davis from Deanna Davis
Michele Davis from Scott Egan
Ida Mae Dey from Gerald Dey
Joel Dobson from Kristen Baggett
Tom Doyle from Donald & Donna Doyle
Gary Dyson from Joseph Granger
Mr. Ted Easley from Ronald Bane
Pat Emerick from Karen Emerick
Nick Engels from Victor & Penny Boyer
Richard Engstrom from Barbara Engstrom
Wayne Evalt from Janice Evalt
Carol Fagan from Leland Fagan
Leland Fagan from Carol Fagan
John Feek from Sherryl Feek
Betty & Jim Ferguson from Shirley Neufeld
Esther Darlene Ferrell from Bruce & Sheila Mitchell
Laurel Frazier from Peggy Frazier
Alicia Freed from Coryl Clark
John Carter Gonzalez from Anonymous
Ben Grady from JJ & Peg Grady
Randall Greggs from Linda Greggs
Winifred & Emory Gruhlkey from Gerard Amato
Cris Gurney from Tina & Bob Gurney
Allan Gustin from Tamra Gustin
John Hagen from Gilbert & Lillian Austin
Mr & Mrs Paul Hanway from Patrick Hanway
Kathy Ann Healy Marshall from Thomas Healy
Ray Heath from Tony Heath
Orlin Heck from David & Alice Elwanger
Karen Hickman from Dan & Joyce Kirkpatrick
David Hill from Edward Hill
Martha Jane Hine from William & Lorraine Hine
James Hodgen from Susan Hodgen
Lee Hofman from Dale Lynn Hofman
Frances Holland from Maria Bessonart
Jerry Holmes from Ronald & Linda Porter
David House from Chester & Helen Karlson
Raymond Howdeshell from Delores Vavrinec
William Huber from Cheryl Huber
John Huddleston from Christa Huddeston
Danny Imbruglia from Daniel & Alicia Mayberry
Dick Ingraham from Darlene Hill
Mary Isaacson from Charles Isaacson
Shirley Ittner from -from Pam & Richard Egolf
-from Candace Aramburu
Bob Jacobson from Stan Moon
Robby James from Ginni Peppert
Tyler Johnson from Scott Johnson
Ray Johnson from Thomas & Johaunna McReynolds
Denny Johnston from Jon Halvorson
SSG Bobbie Jones from Scott Egan
Cole Jordan from Sarah Frederick
Gloria Jordan from Sarah Jordan
Marjorie Kauffman from Wayland Kauffman
Royce Kelly, USMC from John Zimmerman
Patty Kennedy from David Elwanger
Ed Kennish from Aurelia Kennish
Stanley Kildow from Diana Kildow
Jim Kimbrough from Dorothy Payne
Tony King from Carol King
Joan Kohse from Katy Mayrand
Mike Kortjohn from Louie Renew
Stuart Kowasky from Christa Huddleston
Hilmar Kuebel from Helen Kuebel
Francis Lamberson from Ronald Bane
William Lamoreaux from Ruth Lamoreaux
Jerry Page LaFord from H Donald LaFord
David Larsen from Leilani Larsen
Barbara Lehman from Ronald Lehman
Don Lentz from John Fischer
Agnes Lessard from Carol Narlock-Gallagher
Pauline Lien from Dale Lien
Connie Lund from Sharon Thompson
Morgan Lundblad from Vaun & Mary Lundblad
William Marcyes from Jean Marcyes
Randy Martin from Douglas Pankretz
Lynn Melton from Sally Downs
Easton Luke Miller from Sharon Caffey
Etta Miller from Sharon McGinley
Steven Morgan from Vaun & Mary Lundblad

In Memory cont…

Scott Nida from Pamela BinderJerry North from Joyce North
Nate “Dominic” O’Connor from Mary & John Fleckenstein
Anthony Owens from Peggy & Sam Davidson
Dave Pearson from Deanna Rauser
Raymond Pentland from Robert & Sharon Pentland
Neva Peterson from Carol Narloch-Gallagher
John Polar from John Fischer
Joy Puckett from Dallana & Howard Battle
Jason Quantz from Phyllis Braget
CE Redfield from Rachel Redfield
Elsie Reynolds from James Reynolds
-from Katy Thorn
Law Risken from Jerry Risken
Paul Rogers from Elsie Higgins
Larry Rolph from Lorraine Rolph
Ed Rombauer from Mark & Joy Vinson
Alexa Sample from Cynthia Waters
Elizabeth Sands from Yasmeen Sands
David Scholl from Sharon Scholl
Cindy Seaberg from Larry Seaberg
Allen Shanafelt from Joanna Shanafelt
Mike Sherer from Ron & Vicki Brown
-from Kevin & Jen Sherer
Pat Sinclair from Susan Sinclair-Phimister
Dr Larry Skinner from Molly Skinner
Janet Smith from Susan Owens
Nancy Southwell from Carol Martinez
-from Carol Howard
Betty Spickler from Lee Spickler
George Springman from JeNais Radabough
Lee Stauffer from Margie Stauffer
Valerie M Steffen from Richard Steffen
Annette Steucke from Paul Steucke
Bill Stoll from Linda Harville
Leena Strole from Jan-Erik Strole
Stephen Strozyk from Janet Strozyk
Bonnie Sullivan from Patrick Deja
Duane Surbaugh from Sandra Eilbes
Gary & Cathy Talley from Eva Johnson
Emanual (Nick) Tortorello from Denise & Terry Nissley
Harold Tuttle from Mavis Tuttle
Joseph Uncangco from Barbara Cruz
Bob Van Camp from James Van Camp
Shereen Vera from Robyn Vera
Gordon Watson from Dorothy Powell
Fannie Warren from Jessica Jones
Gordon Watson from Dorothy Powell
Harriet Wehnes from George Wehnes
-from Lois Pospisil
Sharon West from Ricky West
Edward Whitfield-Swan from Shirley Swan
Vern Wieler from Gregory Allen
Larry Williams from Burgyman Dunn
Reginald Williams, Jr from Sharon Williams
Caroline Wilson from David Wilson
Marion Wilson from Kristen Baggett
Lance Alan Whipple from Cliff Whipple
Frederick Yee from Patricia Yee

Anonymous from Cheryl Talmage
Aunt Dodie from Stephanie Jones
Beau from James Casebier
Betty from Shan & Judi Gill
Dayton from Deanna Davis
Gordon from Gena Anderson
David H from Chester & Helen Karlson
Jerri, Charles, Hedwig, Arlene from Charles & Edith Leary
Johnny from Frances Moellmann
Kathe from Charles & Edith Leary
Lee from Carol Fagan
Lost Souls from Rodney Duff
Military Veterans from Buford Furrow
Milly, Brunell & Nancy from Mary Ketcham
Mother (Mary) from Kathleen Beaird
Mother from Catherine Morrison
Papa & Big Daddy from Shelly Sheeler
Parents from Julie Bronson Lawson
Parents from Sally Downs
People who lost life to addiction from Michelle Karrer
Ralph & Lucille from Daniel & Deena Russell
Unknown from Cheryl Talmage

In Honor of…

Krina Allison from David & Mary Jo Rydholm
-from Terry Carlson
Jason, Kyle, & Barbara Barker from Barbara & Larry Barker
Marcie Birdsall from Amanda Aseph
Yvonne Braeme from Susan Shoblom
Clyde & Lynda Burge from Susan Sinclair-Phimister
Sherry Chapman from Sylvia Kilcup
Dr. Choi from Nona Crane
Michael Converse from Susan Cook
Dr. Maureen Craig from Employees at Small To Tall
Archie Dahl from Michael Dahl
Edward Dahl from Micahel Dahl
Albert Diedrich from Erin Patterson
Carol Dunn from Robert Dunn
Father Jim & St Michaels from Helen O’Neil & Terry Simmonds
Stacey Gill from Patrick & Betty Gill
John Carter Gonzales from Anonymous
David Gould from Diane Gould
Tucker Hayes from Jared Laine
Tim, Lisa, Addie Hecht from Bill & William Hecht
-from Sharon West
Cris & Annette Henry from Sharon West
Hoffman Family from Thomas & Rosa Cofield
Teena Kidder from Vicki Gray
Dave & Nancy Klein from Martin Klein
Kathy Lasher from Warren Lasher
Alethea Leah Hedstrom from William Hedstrom
Bev Lord from Maureen Lally
Carolee Johnson from Susan Borngesser
David & Nancy Klein from Martin Klein
Mason & Liam Marling from Patricia LeRoy
Barbara McKensie from Anonymous
Tom & Kar McWilliams from Peggy Littell
Mike Middleton from Glenda Hubbard
Parker Mondau from Kevin Mondau
Robert Reggio from Cliff Whipple
Karen Robbins from Sharon Whitehill
Paula Rohr from Mary Ingals
AJ Sabes from Lucy Long
Dylan Schultz from Scott Schultz
Ronald Schwartz from Thomas Cofield
Loren “Skip” Steffen from Gail Frare
-from Robbi & Thomas Brosman
Lorraine Swartling from Laurel Deforest
Gary Turner from Jeanne Meabon
Steve & Kerry Upton from Becky & Paul Tyksinski
Calvin Vestel from Gerald Moon
Adriane Weatherford from Gary & Sammie Preble
Cliff Whipple from Daniel Whipple
Sharon Whitehill from the Way Christian church
Richard Wisnesski from Brittany Ranstrom
Eric Williams from Brian & Margaret Williams
Jodi Yarbrough from Tom & Shirlee Jelcick
Mona Zuber from Kirsten Kuhnau


Active Duty Military from Buford Furrow
Anonymous from Scott Bremer
Delin & Damon from Sandra Laymance
Family & Relatives from Charles Whitehead
Jenna from Sylvia Kilcup
Jesus Christ from Dennis & Susan Patnaude
-from Rodney Ames
-from Daniel Farver
Jesus Sacrifice from Kathleen Beaird
God from Peggy Reese
Healthcare Workers from Tamara Duff
Helen & Betty from Susan Coppin
Homeless Elderly Women from Susan Sanders
Men and Women who died from addiction from Michelle Karrer
Mission Volunteers from Virginia Clifford
Olympia Sisters and Brothers from Keith & Julie Keown
Olympia Union Gospel Mission Dental Clinic from Thomas Oliver
Olympia Union Gospel Mission Essential Workers from Cynthia & Tim Kelly
Olympia Union Gospel Mission Workers from Patricia Burns
-from Beverly Randall
Olympia Union Gospel Mission kindness & love from Kathryne Tolles
Our Lord & Savior from William & Sherry Reus
The Reynolds from Mike Reynolds
Stella, Duke, Max & Miles from Courtney Drennon
Unknown from Scott Bremer
Unknown from Kathleen McMillan
Veterans from S. Terwilleger
Westwood Baptist Church from Janet & Gary Lucas

How to Get Your Loved One or Honoree on this List:

You may designate your gift to Olympia Union Gospel Mission in memory of a loved one or in honor of a special person or occasion.

In Memory Donations – If you wish us to send a Memorial Donation letter to a third party, please provide the name of the deceased and the name and mailing address of the person to whom the letter will be sent. Please fill in this information when donating.

In Honor Donations – You may give a gift in honor of a milestone – birthday, anniversary, retirement, graduation or other special occasion. If you wish us to an Honorary Donation letter to your honoree, please provide the name and mailing address of the person to whom the letter will be sent, and the occasion you are honoring. Please fill in this information when donating.

If you would like to send in a donation, please make your check payable to Olympia Union Gospel Mission  and send to the following address:

Olympia Union Gospel Mission
PO BOX 7668
Olympia WA 98507